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FIP Symptom StagesIcon box image

There are no significant unique symptoms to FIP. However, in either form of FIP, cats commonly show vague symptoms
such as: loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, fluctuating fever that is not responsive to antibiotics.




Loss of appetite, Weight loss,
Lethargy, Chest increased/tachypneic,
Anemia, Fluctuating fever



Loss of appetite, Significant Weight loss, Lethargy, Chest increased/tachypneic, Malnutrition、Anemia,
Jaundice, Fluctuating fever



Loss of appetite, Significant Skinny,
Lethargy, Chest increased/tachypneic,
Malnutrition、Anemia, Jaundice,
Fluctuating fever, Poor coordination,
Eyes Inflammation , Wobbliness

How To Treat Your
FIP Cat?


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Lucky Pet is designed for caring FIP pets, it will give you unlimited possibilities to support you in fighting FIP and keep our love cats.

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We are more exciting because of your choice. We would provide you with high-quality products and dedicated service to help you with love around.

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    How To Treat Your FIP Cat?


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    Testimonials thumbnail
    Miracle vials

    It’s really a miracle.My cat looked for food only about 10 minutes after his first injectin, as he had not been eating by him own for 2-3 weeks. He had some Neuro symptoms,very bad situation,but he is so active now.

    ----- Sierra JalomO
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    Perfect Services!

    We’ve used Lucky service several times and have been very happy with the service and care of our kitten. The FIP Treatment admin is always great about asking updates for kitten. Payment is easy, shipemnt is quick!

    ----- Ramona JalomO
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    Lucky Plucky

    Miracle vial Lucky and our Plucky spring is here, and the reborn Plucky is about to start ravaging my plants again. I have to Put plants as high as I can, either hang it up or fence it around.

    ----- Peter Pan
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    Awesome Pills

    It’s my best decision that we switched to Lucky pills. We hadn’t a good experience with another injections ever, then I searched online and learned muchfrom others about Lucky pills, it proved that my kitten is lucky.

    ----- Peter Pan
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    My cats are my family

    We’ve gaduated from  Lucky support for 84 days. Keep fingures crossed, we have ended the observation period.She has been well ,good luck for all Fip cats, Our cats will be lucky. DON’T LOST HOPE.

    ----- Peter Parker

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